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Professional Services


MRS Business Professional Consulting provides tax compliance services that offer more extensive tax services with an operational management approach, corporate and personal tax outsourcing & transactions in accordance with applicable tax regulations including:

  •  Analyze, prepare, manage and report monthly/annually Income Tax returns and Value Added Tax Refund

  • Prepare individual/corporate income tax and corporate income tax refund

  • Support MRS Consulting clients in Tax Audit, Tax Refund & Tax Identity Cancellation Process, others.



MRS Business Professional Consulting provides consultations regarding tax disputes in accordance with the applicable taxation regulations in Indonesia based on our experience, expertise, opinions and professional interpretations. The professional MRS Consulting team will provide a systematic and structured explanation to clients, so that it can be easily understood & applied by the company. Our tax consulting services include:

  •  Corporate tax disputes in all aspects of taxation

  • For Corporate income tax

  • For Individual income tax

  • Value-added tax

  • Tax Planning & Management

  • Others


MRS Business Professional Consulting conducts a review of the potential taxation of various financial/operational transactions, so that clients can do better tax planning & management. Our tax review services include:

  • Review for Withholding Income Tax

  • Review for Value Added Tax

  • Review for Corporate Income Tax

  • Review for all tax potentials in the new business development plan


MRS Business Professional Consulting provides tax audit services for various tax audits, such as value added tax Refund audits, Corporate Income Tax Audits, With Holding Tax audits as follows:

  • Provide consultation during the tax audit process

  • Holding meetings & discussions with tax authority

  • Identification of tax corrections made by tax authority and responses to fiscal corrections

  • Identification of indications of fiscal transactions that are not based on actual transactions related to state losses

  • Prepare responses to notifications letter of examination results

  • Closing of tax audits

This Tax Audit includes regular tax audits, preliminary evidence tax audits or "BUKPER" as well as preliminary returns on Compliant Taxpayers / Low Risk Taxable Entrepreneurs and Certain Criteria.


MRS Business Professional Consulting assists clients in terms of clients filing tax legal action on DGT tax assessment letters or "SKP" issued by the Directorate General of Taxes-Republic of Indonesia, with the following tax legal action :


1. Tax Objection at the level of the Directorate General of Taxes at the DGT Regional Office

  • Prepare an tax objection letter to the Regional Office of the Director General of Taxes

  • Submission of evidence & supporting documents for tax objection

  • Prepare a response to the statement letter to attend closing tax objections at the DGT Regional Office

  • Closing tax Objections at the Regional Office of the DGT

2. Tax Appeal at the Tax Court-Republic of Indonesia

  • Submission tax appeal letter to the Tax Court

  • Prepare a description letter of tax appeal to the tax court

  • Submission of documents and evidences of completeness of the tax appeal

  • Proceeding at the Tax Court as the Tax Lawyer upon the tax appeal request

3. Tax Judicial Review at the Supreme Court-Republic of Indonesia

  • Submission of a request for tax judicial review to the Supreme Court

  • Prepare a review response of tax judicial review

  • Submission of documents and evidences of completeness of tax judicial review

  • Proceeded at the Tax Court on the Interval Decision or “Putusan Sela” in accordance with the Supreme Court's letter



MRS Business Professional Consulting provides Transfer Pricing Documentation services for proving the arm’s length of the transaction value of the affiliated transactions of the company group as follows:

  • Master File (MF)

  • Local File (LF)

  • Country-by-Country Report (CbCR)

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